Happy October!

It's October!

My favorite time of year, my birthday month! It always creeps up on me. The summer never seems to end and then bam - crispy cold air, time to bring the plants inside and gather logs for the fireplace. 

If you are following me on Instagram, very year I do a drawing challenge featuring Dibs the Trash Panda being put into different situations based on drawing prompts chosen by my fans. This year, I'm opting out of daily prompts and narrowing it down to a few days when I won't be overloaded - I'm taking classes with ViTra for the Fall semester!

I am looking forward to the expansion that we are invited to take part in at ViTra… a deep dive into our true selves in order to share what we experience.  Being able to immerse myself in all the new skill building, meditative work, synchronicity between my peers is going to be vital for me during these colder months. Not sure if I would be able to cope out here in rural NM if it wasn't for my Vision Train fam. You don't know about Vision Train??  I encourage you to check it out - - it's a 24 hour Zoom Call where artists from around the world meet up to chat, paint, share creative space. It's been life changing for me.

To wrap this update up, I'd like to let ya know if you order any of the Batty/Bats n Amethysts by OCT 14 you will get them in time for Halloween. I'm working on another set of *spooky*  collabs with JDrew Silvers, which will be posted on IG and here for sale as I go, so stay tuned!

Thank you all for the support and I hope you have an amazing Fall Season



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